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September 2004


1st - David Brower,  2nd - Bob Dunne,  9th - Dave Gonzalez,
11th - Renae Brock,  13th - John Trimpe Jr.,  18 - John McKee,   20th - Dale Warrington,  22 - Jan White,  22nd - Perry Lane,
25th - Cathie Callery,  26th - Cliff Crawford,  28th - Rob Callery,  30th - Densie  Mulligan


On  Aug 13, 2004  the Indian River Corvette Club held its 54th regular meeting. Twenty-four members gathered to eat and weather out hurricane Charley, the category 5 storm that devastated Punta Gorda on the west coast. Vero received 33mph winds and less than an inch of rain. Everyone was encouraged to attend the Aug 17th board meeting and submit their ideas on any changes the club should make in the bylaws.  Terry and Sue presented the Fall & Winder 2004 ''Cafe Corvette'' A La Carte menu listing all the activities for the rest of the year. You might want to sample the C.O.O.L. Birthday Bisque, the Lettuce Meat, the Ecklers Re'onion, or the Core Vittles in Pear and Diced.  Don't forget the Turkey Rods in Rum & Swamp Meat in November.  Special thanks go out to Dan and Ro who picked up the entire tab for dinner.  Dan and Ro are always very generous.  Thanks from all the club.  

Mystery Dinner Run, on August 31, 2004  was arranged by Ron and Mary Derby.  15 members took a break from hurricane preparations to cruise to South Beach Grill, 1410 A1A, Vero Beach for an excellence dinner.  We had a choice of Prime Rib, Broiled Tilapia or Teriyaki Style Chicken Breast served with their generous salad bar.  Ron and Mary had drawings with prizes aplenty.  Thanks, Ron & Mary for a great evening.

Palm Bay Chevrolets cruise-in on the second Tuesday of the month is drawing a big crowd of performance oriented Corvette owners.  Paul Massacane was giving Z-06 rides around the pylon course set up on the parking lot of PBC.  Paul  navigated the course many times to accommodate everyone who wanted to experience the ''thrill ride.''  Inside we observed some ''under construction'' C-5 race cars in various stages of completion.


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2005 Corvettes Ship
Corvette Assembly Plant Ships the First Batch

BY: Bobbie Jo Lee - National Corvette Museum

Today, the Corvette Assembly Plant will ship the first batch of C6 Corvette Coupes to many dealerships throughout the United States. The first “batch” is reported to have approximately 70 Corvettes ready with others to follow soon. "This is an exciting day for the Corvette community and for the Bowling Green Assembly Plant," said Wil Cooksey, plant manager. "Our plant is committed to building the highest quality, most precise and powerful sports cars for our customers."

The plant will continue to accelerate to its production build schedule this fall. "This is a memorable day in Corvette history. It marks the start of the sixth generation of a great legacy," said Dave Hill, chief engineer of the Corvette and vehicle line executive for GM Performance Cars. "The 2005 Chevrolet Corvette delivers more power, passion and precision to reach a new standard of performance car excellence."

“We have already started receiving calls about scheduling R8C Museum Deliveries for these new Corvettes,” stated NCM Museum Delivery Program Manager, Gary Cockriel. “However, we have not received any cars yet. We appreciate everyone’s patience while the details are being worked out, and look forward to seeing many excited new Corvette owners at the Museum soon.”

To find out more about taking delivery of a new Corvette at the Museum through the highly requested “R8C Museum Delivery Program”, visit the NCM website.


2005 Corvette Pricing
More Features, Lower Base Prices for Both Models

BY: General Motors

DETROIT - Chevrolet has announced that when the all-new 2005 Corvettes arrive in dealer showrooms this fall, prices for the Coupe and Convertible will start below those of their 2004 counterparts even though each will be outfitted with more standard features.

The Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) for the base Corvette Coupe with a standard manual 6-speed transmission will be $44,245 including destination charge of $800. This represents a $1,305 reduction compared to the base '04 Coupe equipped with the optional extra-cost manual transmission.

The MSRP for base 2005 Corvette Convertible equipped with the standard manual transmission will be $52,245 including destination charge. This price is $305 less than the base '04 Convertible with optional extra-cost manual transmission.

"When we debuted the new Corvette in January, we announced the sixth-generation models would deliver more power, more passion and more precision than any of their predecessors," said Jim Campbell, Chevrolet's director of car marketing. "Now we can add a fourth 'P' to the equation - more competitively priced when compared to others in the high sport market segment."

Among the list of new standard features found on all sixth- generation Corvettes are:
• LS2 6-liter V8 with 400 hp
• 6-speed manual transmission
• Larger tires and wheels (18" front, 19" rear)
• HID Xenon lighting
• Twilight sentinel / Automatic headlights
• Keyless Access with Push Button Start
• Cabin air filtration system
• Power hatch pull down
• RDS AM/FM CD/MP3 player with 7 speakers

Additionally, side air bags move to the list of standard features on Convertibles.

New options for 'America's performance icon' include:
• XM Satellite Radio ($325)
• OnStar ($695)
• DVD-Navigation System with voice activation ($1,400)
• Power convertible top ($1,995)

The 4L65-E 4-speed automatic transmission (a no-charge option) is an upgraded version of the previous 4L60-E design. Featuring a new Performance Shift Algorithm, the 4L65-E automatic can capably handle the LS2 V-8's 400 lb.-ft. of torque.

Corvette's available Z51 Performance Suspension for 2005 ($1,495) continues to feature specific springs, shocks, stabilizer bars, and oil/power steering/transmission coolers but is now enhanced with inclusion of larger cross-drilled brake rotors, specific Goodyear F1 'Supercar' tires, and performance gear ratios (manual trans.)/axle ratios (automatic trans.)

Price of the popular Magnetic Selective Ride Control option ($1,695) is unchanged from 2004.

CORVETTE IMAGES 13,000+ Corvette Photos

What do you do when you have more than 13,000 Corvette images? You share them!

One day our staff was discussing what to do with over 1 gig of Corvette images we have archived from our classified ads system. It seemed like a shame to just discard them, especially since we had them cross referenced to year, body style, color and special edition.

Such an archive, we reasoned, could become a resource for restorers. If you have visited recently you may know that we are in the process of restoring a 1979 Coupe. As the discussions turned to what the interior and exterior color the Coupe should become, we began looking through ad photos to help us decide what the new color combination should be.

The bottom line though is that Corvettes are beautiful pieces on wheels. And when you've got over 8,000 images of them, you put them out there for others to view.

So we decided to share our Corvette images with you.


Well, we have been busy.

Thursday we drove the course and plotted our trail in the GPS.  The road was still under construction, and it still had bumps where pavement transitions were being made, 31/2 miles of only one lane of new pavement and a bump right after the north finish line.  When we got to the north end of the course, we stopped at the turnaround, Dunn’s Tavern to have lunch.  Luckily, most of the race officials were there eating Hell Fire burgers, and I got to ask, where is the Finish line for the North bound leg?  They had just made the decision to move the north finish line back and the south start line so that they were the same, and also to move the north start to the same spot as the southbound finish.  Both leg’s are now the same distance, and the it makes the course notes easier.  We rated the turns coming north, which is the leg Stacey will drive, easy, medium, and hard so that she could have a good idea of what speed to set up for the turns.  We considered all easy, (don’t need to slow) or medium (slow down a little).  We didn’t feel any turn was hard.  We drove back to Elko, and had a light dinner and then went down to the Stockman’s Casino to donate to the local economy.

Friday we got up around 7 to register for the race and have the car teched.  That went well, and we then came back to the room, to get ready for practice.  They only closed off about 8 miles of road for practice and it had 2 easy and one medium turns in it.  We did four round trip runs so that Stacey would get a good comfortable feeling for the car.  Since she is a rookie she has a tech speed of 150 mph, which means she can’t go over that speed without being disqualified.  She was able to get up to speed 135 to 148 easily, and was taking the corners like a pro.  Set up in the correct lane, let the motor control her speed going in to the turn, and accelerated out at the apex.  We checked the speedometer against the radar, and 146 mph showed 149 on the radar.  It was real hot being in the Nomex suits for 3 hours, and it was good to get back to the hotel and get a shower.  We then went over to the ‘blender’ party.  A couple of the racers bring a gas powered Margarita blender and make some very potent Margaritas.  They also have a portable oven, grill and had sausages, and ribs.   Lot’s of lies get told at gatherings like this.  Then it was into the host hotel for the welcome banquet.  Free drinks up to a preset limit.  Light buffet, (salad, wings, Swedish meatballs, etc.  We then went down to the Stockman’s again to donate to the local economy.  The 8 or so beers I had on the Casino were very expensive.  Stacey won a few dollars, so not all was bad.  At 1:30 AM we decided it was time to hit the sack.

Saturday I was up at 8:30, went down, checked tire pressures, bought the news paper, and talked to some people.  We have made friends with one of the people who got Open Road Racing started, Roland Roth, and we had breakfast with him.  We then went out to drive the course and make adjustments to our waypoints since the course distance had changed.  The road is still under construction, the bumps are still there, there is still one lane unpaved, so we made notes of where all that was, and we will have to slow down for the bumps and take it slower for the piece of road that only has one good lane, but we can bank some time.  We are going to run the 130 mph average speed, Stacey could go faster, but we decided not to push it.  Also, there were only three cars entered in the 130 mph class, so we should get a trophy.

We have the driver’s meeting at 5:30, and will find out how they will have the construction marked and what if any special things we need to do about that.

Well, I need a shower and shave before heading to the driver’s meeting.  It will be an early night, the local economy will suffer since I won’t be hitting the Casino.

Take care all.
Harry and Stacey