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March 2005


5th - Kim Auberry,  7th - Walter Donovan,  8th - Jerry Horne,
13th - Linda Esposito,  13th - Paul Toth,   27th - Steve Miltenberger 

On March 11,  2005  the Indian River Corvette Club held its 60th regular meeting . Service Chevrolet is officially a sponsor of the club.  We are pleased to have them support us.  Plans to attend the Silver Springs show instead of the Islamorada show  this November were mentioned.  50/50 was won by Paul Toth.  Dessert run to Paneras for those interested was announced.

The St Pats parade was well attended again this year.  A big crowd gather along Ocean Drive to see St. Pat and all the shiny Corvettes from the club.  Seven Corvettes, including everything from Bobby's 64 coupe to Amy's 2005 triple black convertible added a lot to the parade.  It was a beautiful day for a parade

Congratulations to Rob & Cathie and Harry for their winning Corvettes, in the Celebrity Choice Awards at the Corvette Corral during the 53rd Annual 12 Hours of Sebring.

Rob and Cathie's 2004 Z06 was selected by Harlan Charles, Corvette Product Manager, while Harry's 1996 Collector Editions C4 was picked by Alicia Tillson from  Little did he know that those Gray and Silver flames are such a great chick magnet.

GM put on quite a spread at the race.  A very nice lunch was served on Friday and Saturday.  The factory Corvette team managed a 2nd and 4th place.  Near the end of the race the lead car had a brake rotor explode and lost 12 laps.  Oh, well there is always next year

25 members enjoyed Lou and Sandy's mystery dinner ride on March 29th Beautiful night for a drive....and the large turnout reflected that.

We ended up at the Italian Grill in Ryanwood Plaza. Good thing we all ate garlic!
Good service, great food, and another nice event.

Thanks to Sandy and Lou, and all who participated

13 of us enjoyed the ride up to Palm Bay Saturday night March 26th for dinner and the Andretti Thrill Park. Terry brought his friend, Mike, along.  I think he was a "ringer"...that boy could drive!  Thanks Sue and Hollyann for a fun evening, The weather held out as rain from the minute we left the Mobil station until we returned home.






It is a dreary raining day here in south Florida.  So instead of sitting out on the patio drinking a cool one, or going down to the beach for a walk or read a good book soaking up the rays, I’ll try to bring you up to date on my racing schedule for my version of fun and relaxation.

If anyone of you does not to want receive my periodic updates let me know.  If you are in the IRCC yahoo group, I don’t know how to exclude you so just delete the message or put me in your spam list.

First some short notes on the safety changes I have made to the car.  These changes were planned even before I rolled the car last October up in Georgia.  I had them planned after there were two serious accidents in the ORR events.  Both drivers ‘Walked Away” with only minor injuries due to having a roll cage and helmet and neck restraints.  So this year I have added a bolt in roll cage and purchased Simpson helmet and neck restraint systems for myself and my navigator(s).   The second reason is that I plan to move up to the 150 mph class.  That means running over 150 mph for most of the race and only slowing down for the category 2 and 3 (rating of 0 to 3) curves.

I upgraded my exhaust system also and it sounds ‘real mean’, but might be too loud at 4,500 to 5500 rpms.  Since I have not driven it at those rpms (135 to 165 mph) I’m not sure how loud it will be with my helmet on.  I hope my navigator and I can hear with the 2 way in-car radio.

A minor note is I had hand surgery on March 24th.  My hand should be healed and good as new by practice on the 21st of this month.  So I’m not worried, the Dr. who did the surgery is one of the best micro surgeons in the country and I am going to one of the best hand therapist in the country and my rehab is going real good.  It looks like I will have straight fingers and thumb on my left hand for the first time in over 20 years.  This was either the 4th or 5th surgery on my left hand.  I believe 5, but at my age my memory is not that sharp.

Schedule for first race, the Big Bend Open Road Race in Fort Stockton,TX April 20th to 23rd.

Leave Vero April 14 and arrive in Austin TX on April 15.  I stay with my good friends Herb and Michele, visit with old friends from Dell and Long Horn Corvette Club, drop down to San Antonio to visit my brother-in-law, Bill and head out for Fort Stockton on April 19th.   Register, get the car teched and practice on the 20th.  Will Practice at 150 mph to see how comfortable I am with the car and how it handles at those speeds.  If not comfortable, then I’ll drop down to 145 or 140 mph.  No need to be some macho guy, averaging 140 mph is fast already.  The 21st, I’ll drive the course a bunch of times to re-memorize it.  My navigator will need to spend most of his time keeping track of the time since at 150 mph we will cover a mile every 24 seconds.  This will be my 6th race on this course, so I know it very well.

I plot some new waypoints on the course after I get there.  We need more waypoints at the end of each end of the course so we can zero in our target time and be closer than the 2.6 seconds we were last year.

The 22nd is filled with fan stuff, parade, car show, and drivers meeting and then the race is the 23rd. 

After the race I’ll go up to Midland, TX and stay with my good racing buddies Dave Sowa and Mitch Clark until we leave for the Wendover, NV and the Bonneville 100 May 5th  to 8th.

I’ll update you on the outcome of the BBORR and my plans for the B100 from Midland