Rob Callery   Vice-President Bill Ulisky    Secretary Betty Brousseau   Treasurer Ro Bryant

May 2005


1st - Frank Esposito,  6th - Jane Weick,  10th - Ron Derby,  11th - Sharon Sperry,
19th - Nancy Murray,  22nd - Beth Butcher,  25th - Bonnie Pfiester,
26th - Tarie Harris,  28th - Betty Skelton Erde

On Friday  May 13 ,  2005  the Indian River Corvette Club held its 62nd regular meeting.  32 members and guests were in attendance.  Everyone was still talking about the good time they had at Aprils dinner run to  Ay Jalisco.  Sue Smith reviewed the months activities.  Dale won the 50-50 and chose Toojays for dessert.

Keslers enjoyed the show at St Armands Circle in Sarasota on May 7th.

The 7th Annual Corvette River Cruise-In sponsored by the Stuart Corvette Club on May 7th was a great show.  Approximately 175 cars made their way to the Ft Pierce Marina.  Noone from the club entered their car in the show but several members enjoyed looking at the cars on display

Harry and Rob want to thank Betty and Vi, and Frank and Cheryl Casano for coming over to Sebring and watching them play with the big toys.  We both learned a lot and had a great time.  We can happily tell you that we had the two fastest cars out on the track during our sessions.  The Rathmann Corvettes dominated the Porsches, BMW's and Ferraris...

36 Corvettes from the area met at Wahoos on the St Lucie River for a show on May 28th.  The temperature hit 90 but there was plenty of shade and plenty to drink.  Wahoos awarded some nice prizes for the winners in each class. There was no entry fee but everyone got a free T-shirt and goodie bag
Keslers had a a good time at the show and took lots of pictures

A big "Thank You" to Betty and Vi for a lovely mystery dinner ride on the 31st
The Corvette gods once again looked after us and dried the evening rain!
16 of us (17 if you include Sue Smith's guest appearance :))..enjoyed dinner at the Lobster Shanty.
Nice seating arrangement, good, attentive service...
and a couple of dolphin outside playing in the River.
Thanks to all who attended.



June  7 Board Meeting
June 10th Regular meeting
June 28 Mystery Dinner Run by Dick and Lucy 


A wheel alignment involves adjusting three different aspects of your suspension's geometry.  If any of the aspects is out of tune from the manufacturer's specifications-either from parts wear or hard use- this can lead to premature tire wear and poor handling.  The following are the three areas of adjustment.
1)  Camber
The number of degrees the top of the wheel is tilted inward or outward.  Inward tilt is called negative camber.  Some positive or negative camber may be in the specifications.
2)  Caster
The number of degrees the spindle is tilted forward or rearward.  Forward tilt is called negative caster.
Spindles- located behind the wheel-attaches to wheel and suspension.
3) Toe-In
The distance in inches, the leading edge of the front tires are closer than the trailing edges.  The right amount of toe-in will help a car roll more efficiently.  Too much toe-in will cause the wheels to plow, increasing tire wear. A small amount of toe-in may be in the specifications to compensate for pull to the right caused by the crown in the road.