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July 2005


17th - Denver Sperry,  22nd - Jerry Weick,  27th - Joanne Wolfe, 
30th - Dr Alan Erde,  31st - Eva Sandlin


4th - Lucy Kesler,  20th - Bobby Harp,  22nd - Marsha Hearndon,
 26 - Crystal Hofford,  27th - Greg Butcher,  29th - Lou Ericsson


On Friday  July 08, 2005  the Indian River Corvette Club held its 64th regular meeting.  With President Rob Callery and Cathy on vacation, and Vice President Bill Ulisky ill, Treasurer Ro Bryant ably took the gavel and conducted the 7th meeting of 2005. The Mystery Murder has once again been rescheduled to October 15.  Keep this date open – this will be fun!  Ro and Dan will do appetizers, Terry & Sue, Dinner.  Bonnie and Steve will end up the night with entertainment at their Longevity Spa.  We need a house for Salads.

Keslers hosted the June Mystery Dinner Run on June 28th to Hurricane Harbor in Sebastian. 25 members made the trip.  Members received cards for a  Texas Hold'Em poker game.  T-shirt winners with the best hands at the various tables were:  Bonnie & Steve, Denver & Sharon, Rob & Cathie, Lou & Sandy, and Vi & Betty. A drawing for the remaining prizes was held. The food and service were good.  Mark you calendar for the July 26th Mystery Dinner Run hosted by Tom and Hollyann

JULY 4th Parade-It was hot, even at 8:30 AM, but 6 Corvettes from the Indian River Corvette Club made the trip down Indian River Drive in the Sebastian Parade. Thanks go out to all who brought cars and to Cathie and Ro for walking and displaying the club banner.  The comments from Corvette lovers along the parade route make it worth the trip
We all enjoyed brunch at Cracker Barrel following the parade.  Look for pictures on the website

Several Couples are attending this show....... Make plans now to join us.............. 

Pre Register by 10/28/05    $25.00/car (includes 2 people)
Registration Form on Indian River Corvette Club website 



July 26th  Mystery Dinner Run by Tom & Hollyann
August 2 Board Of Directors Meeting
August 6 Corvette Challenge 
August 12 Regular meeting
August 30 Mystery Dinner Run by ????
September 3 Corvette Challenge
September 9 Regular Meeting
September 11 Corvettes In Venice

24 Hour of Le Mans Corvette Racing’s Melanie Correll Times the 24-Hours of Le Mans  
LE MANS , France - Among the dozens of mechanics, engineers, technicians and drivers who make up Corvette Racing, Melanie Correll stands out. Not because she is the only woman working on the pit stand, but because she brings a unique and essential skill to the team. Correll is a master of the art and science of timing and scoring. Tracking lap times, pit stops and penalties for 50 entries in four different classes for 24 hours nonstop is just another long day and night at the office for Correll. Correll joined Corvette Racing in 2000 as the team's official scorer. She has been on the pit box for every one of the team's 37 victories, including three class wins at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. On June 18-19, she'll record every lap by every car for 24 straight hours without a break. While mechanics catch catnaps between pit stops and drivers get a few tense hours of rest between stints, Correll will be at her station on the pit wall. Correll is easy to spot in the Corvette Racing pits - not because she is a woman, but because her trademark is two shoes of different colors. Since joining Corvette Racing, Correll's race day wardrobe includes one black and one yellow shoe. "That tradition began back in the Buick Motorsports days," she said. "It started as a joke, but the little team I was with won a pole, then won a race, and then won the championship. It became a lucky charm, and I've worn different colored shoes at the track ever since. I do alternate the right and left shoes, however, so they'll wear evenly," she added with a smile. For the complete release visit:

Corvette Racing Wins 24 Hours of Le Mans

New Corvette C6.R Scores Historic Fourth 1-2 Finish in French Classic

LE MANS, France - Corvette Racing made history today at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, scoring its fourth 1-2 finish in the GT1 class in five years with the new Corvette C6.R. Corvette Racing drivers Oliver Gavin, Olivier Beretta and Jan Magnussen reprised their victory in last year's 24-hour endurance race, and were again joined on the podium by teammates Ron Fellows, Johnny O'Connell and Max Papis.

The team celebrated Corvette's 45th anniversary at Le Mans in style, finishing fifth and sixth overall. Corvette Racing turned back the challenge of the Aston Martin team in a hard-fought battle that often saw all four cars on the same lap. In scorching heat, the twin yellow Corvettes completed 349 and 347 laps respectively, scoring the 38th win for Corvette Racing in international road racing and the team's 25th 1-2 finish.

After trailing its rivals through the night, the 19th hour proved to be the turning point for Corvette Racing. The No. 64 Compuware Corvette C6.R driven by Gavin, Beretta and Magnussen took the point when the leading Aston Martin pitted for repairs. The Corvette kept relentless pressure on its pursuers, running 3-minute, 55-second laps in withering 97-degree heat. The Corvette victory was sealed when both Aston Martins encountered problems in the 23rd hour,

Corvette Racing program manager Doug Fehan is the mastermind behind the team's successful assault on the world's most famous endurance race. "Each time you come here, you think it can't possibly get any better," he noted. "Last year after our 1-2 finish, I left thinking there was no way to top this, but this year did. We didn't turn a wheel wrong, we didn't hit anything, we didn't break anything. That comes from the experience and continuity of being here year in and year out. I'm looking forward to coming back next year."

24 Hours of Le Mans GT1 Results
Pos./Car No./Drivers/Car/Laps
1. (64) Gavin-Beretta-Magnussen/Chevrolet Corvette C6.R, 349
2. (63) O'Connell-Fellows-Papis/Chevrolet Corvette C6.R, 347
3. (59) Brabham-Sarrazin-Turner, Aston Martin DBR9, 333
4. (50) Goueslard-Dupard-Vosse, Ferrari 550, 324
5. (61) Fomenko-Vasiliev-Bouchut, Ferrari 550, 315

Corvette Racing Aims for Fifth Straight ALMS Victory at Infineon Raceway

Corvette Racing Notebook for the Infineon Technologies Grand Prix of Sonoma, July 15-17

Infineon Raceway SONOMA, Calif. - Although their names do not appear on any deed or land grant, Corvette Racing drivers Ron Fellows and Johnny O'Connell virtually own Infineon Raceway. Fellows and O'Connell have won the GT1 class at the Northern California track four straight years with their Corvette C5-R race cars. They will put their winning streak on the line when they race for a fifth consecutive victory with the new Corvette C6.R in the Infineon Technologies Grand Prix of Sonoma on July 15-17.


Well I’m on my way to another Open Road Race, or I should say that I’m resting in Midland, TX before I hit the road again for Elko, NV tomorrow for The Gamblers Run on Sunday.

I left Vero Beach, FL last Wednesday and stopped in Hammond LA for the night before continuing on to San Antonio, TX where I stayed Thursday night and Friday.  I visited with my brother-in-law, took him to Dr Appointments, and other errands that he needed to do.  Saturday, I had a nice leisurely drive into Midland where I’m staying with Dave Sowa and Mitch Clark.  Mitch and Dave were supposed to accompany on to Elko, but they have a large work load to get done by the end of the month.  Mitch’s company Tomcat Global makes stages for lots of different performers, and they are currently working on the Rolling Stones stadium stage and have a tight deadline, so they will miss this race.  Hopefully they can make the Pony Express next month.

Last night I drove out to Andrews, TX and had dinner with Malcolm Davis, his daughter Brook, and Rick and Kenda Heckler who also do open road racing.  You meet the greatest people racing.  We had a nice dinner and talked about race cars and racing. 

This afternoon, I’ll put the car back in the trailer, check the tire pressure of the trailer and truck tires, make sure every thing is secure and I’ll head out for Moab, UT.  I have all new trailer tires, Load Rate E on the trailer and hope to not have the flat tire problems I had on the last trip out west.   Moab is about a 12 -13 hour drive from Midland, but is a good stopping spot and will leave me about 9 hours into Elko.  Stacey who is flying in from California will probably beat me there, but I should get in about 3 pm

Stacey was lucky enough to get off work early enough to make it in on Thursday so she can practice driving the car on Friday and get her ‘speed legs and mind’ back.  She will co-drive with me and we will determine what speed we will run (130 mph or 135 mph average) depending on how comfortable she feels at speed.  We do this for fun, not for anything else, and the point is to be safe and to have fun, so she will get to choose the speed we go.  Hopefully I will do a better job navigating for Stacey this year. The car is in great shape.  My son-in-law Jim and I have gone over the suspension with a fine tooth comb, put new Hawk HT-10 pads on, a new right front brake caliper, adjustable rear sway links, and synthetic brake fluid with a 540 degree boiling point.  I had the car out on the road yesterday (with the Valentine 1 on) and tested the brakes and they really stop the car quickly .


50 years Ago
1955 Corvette

Wheelbase: 102"Track: 57" Front / 58.8" RearHeight: 51.5" Over Windshield
Length: 167.3"Width: 69.8"Curb Weight: 2,805lbs. ( V-8 )
Tire Size: 6.70x15"Plant: St. Louis

The Ford Motor Company showed the Thunderbird two-seat convertible in Detroit in 1954. The Thunderbird is a major part of GM's decision to continue production of the Corvette after the disappointing 1954 sales year. Although sales climbed to 3640 units in 1954, 10,000 units were expected, and sales fell off dramatically in 1955 to just 700 in 1955 setting off rumors that Corvette might be a short-lived automotive experiment.

But Zora Arkus-Duntov had different ideas. Zora Arkus-Duntov, an engineer on the Corvette team since 1953 and a former European road racer, set out to give Corvette the two things it needed most, better performance and better handling. In July of 1952 Chevrolet chief engineer Ed Cole, and Harry Barr went to work on an all-new Chevrolet V-8, and Corvette's evolution into a true sports car began in 1955 when a 265-cu.-in. V8 that generated 195 horsepower was offered. By the end of the 1955 model year, a 3-speed manual transmission was also available.

1955 Options:




2934-6Base Corvette Convertible, Six Cylinder



2934-8Base Corvette Convertible, V8



100Directional Signals






102AM Radio



290BWhitewall Tires



313MPowerglide Transmission



420AParking Brake Alarm



421ACourtesy Lights



422AWindshield Washer



Serial Numbers: VE55S001001 through VE55S001700 ("V" is omitted on Six Cylinder Models)

Base Engine: 235ci "Blue Flame" 155hp
265ci V8 195hp was an Option. Identified by a Gold "V" on both front fenders, and a 12Volt electrical system.

ExteriorQuantitySoft TopWheelsInterior
Polo White325White/BeigeRedRed
Pennant Blue45BeigeRedDark Beige
Corvette Copper15WhiteBronzeDark Beige
Gypsy Red180White/BeigeRedLight Beige
Harvest Gold120Dark GreenYellowYellow