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September 2005


6th - Diane Viehweg,  15th - Sandy Ericsson,  16th - Amy Harp,
20th - Jerry Brock,  26th - Tom Quina


On Friday  August 12, 2005  the Indian River Corvette Club held its 65th regular meeting.   Wow...what a great turnout for our meeting last night.
Thanks to all who attended..especially Dennis and Barbara, and Greg and Betsy from Service Chevrolet.....sporting their official club shirts.
They will speak at next month's meeting and answer any questions you all may have. Thanks Dennis and Gary and your wives for spending the evening with us.
We also want to welcome our newest members, Larry and Leslie..and their new 2004 Spiral Gray convertible. Pretty car.  Welcome.

And congratulations to Beth and Greg with their new C-4 Yellow Convertible. We wish you the best of luck with the new baby.

Thanks to Terry Smith who brought in his 50th Anniv Video for us all to watch while eating.  Great memories. (That last car in the parade is a beauty!!)

and Sue announced some of the upcoming events....they all sound like a "Don't Miss"...a Country Mystery Dinner ride this month, a big "Murder Mystery Progressive dinner" on Oct 15th...and Silver Springs Nov. 5th.
Lots of things going on in between...please check our website and download the "printable" calendar that Tom puts up. Many new things added. Join us for what you can. 

 Larry Spurlock won the 50/50 and we rode to Crispers.

On Friday September 9, 2005 the Indian River Corvette Club held its 66 meeting.  Bill Ulisky is heading up the nominating committee for the 2006 elections coming up in November.  If you would like to seek office, give Bill a call.  Bonnie Pfeister is organizing a Red Cross charity run for Oct 8th.  Meet at Panera Bread between 8:00 and 10:30 AM.  Board meeting on Oct 11th. Dennis and Greg from Service Chevrolet were not able to make the meeting.  Ron Derby won $30 in the 50/50 and we made a run to Paneras Bread

August 30th---Great Dinner Ride Terry and Sue.  We drove up to Palm Bay to the Texas Steakhouse.

Fun n' Games. We really enjoyed "guess the license plate"...we have to do more of that...
and we now know who the "knotty" ones in our club are....

Good food and fun....thanks!

Enjoy the rest of your week and Happy Labor Day everyone

The September 27th dinner run was hosted by Bobby and Amy Harp.  20 members enjoyed dinner at the Ocean Grill on the ocean. The food was great.  Most of us sat around the big round table in the center of the Ocean Grill.

According to the Ocean Grill, its the largest round table made from a single piece of Mahogany in the world.  Thanks Bobby and Amy


Several Couples are attending this show....... Make plans now to join us.............. too late to preregister..........we are staying at the Holiday Inn...............Walk to the show.........

Registration Form on Indian River Corvette Club website 



1st  Corvette Challenge at Moroso
8 Benefit for Red Cross
11 Board Meeting
14th  General Membership meeting
15  Progressive Murder Mystery Dinner/Play RSVP to Sue by 10/1
26  Dinner Run by Rob and Cathie


 The first production year for the C6 officially came to a close on September 8, when the last 2005 Corvette came off the end of the assembly line.

A total of 37,372 cars were built during the model year, with no ZO6 production. Coupes proved to be more popular than ever with 72 percent of total production and convertibles taking the remaining 28 percent.  The most popular exterior color was Black (21.4 percent), followed by Light Tarnish Silver (18.4 percent), Victory Red (15 percent), Luxo Blue (10.1 percent), Magnetic Red (9.1 percent), Sunset Orange (8 percent), Millennium Yellow (5.4 percent), White (5.3 percent), Precision Red (3.5 percent), Velocity Yellow (2 percent) and Red Jewel (1.9 percent). Most convertible customers opted for the black top (86 percent), with only 11.3 percent choosing beige followed by 2.7 percent who chose gray.  Interior color options are as follows: Ebony 60.9 percent, Light Cashmere 24.5 percent, Steel Gray 10 percent, and Cobalt Red 4.6 percent.  Once again proving most popular, automatic transmissions accounted for 60 percent of the cars. Six-speed manual transmissions accounted for 17 percent, while 23 percent opted for the six-speed with the Z51 option.

Export cars, other than Canada and Mexico, totaled 4.7 percent.  Other popular options included: Memory Package (92 percent), Passenger and Driver Reclining Bucket Seats (98.4 percent), Telescoping Steering Wheel (87.3 percent), Polished Aluminum Wheels (72.5 percent), OnStar (52.5 percent), Heads Up Display (92 percent), and XM Satellite Radio (58.6 percent).


Dick and Lucy Kesler concluded their month long trip up North by attending the big show at MidAmerica Motorworks in Effingham, Illinois on Sept 16-18.  Saturday was the big day with over 10,000 registered Corvettes!  It was a sea of Corvettes.  Nolan Adams shipped his 1953 Corvette number 284 to the show.  He was an advisor and his car was used as the model for the new 37 cent stamp which is now available at the Post Office.  A recently discovered 1957 Corvette prototype was on display in Mikes garage.  It is one of only three built by GM for testing/racing at Sebring, Daytona and Nassau that year. It was a fuel injection car and is the only one of the three know to exist.  Gold paint covered the original white paint with blue stripe and number 9. 

Mr. Yeager set a new high for the show this year with his evening concert by The Beach Boys.  The crowd was estimated to be 16,000 cheering fans.  It was a great evening of entertainment.


First the trip to Battle Mountain, NV was long.  1600 miles in 2 days was tiring.  I didn’t have the trailer to pull, so I was able to get by with fewer fuel stops as I was getting 570+ miles to a tank in the Dodge Ram.  That helped as we all know fuel prices are sky high.  I didn’t pay over 2.50 per gallon until I got to Utah, where it went up to 2.69, and then 2.89 once I hit Nevada. On Thursday, I picked up the car and trailer in Elko where I had left it after the June race with a friend who lives there.  I then drove to the Elko airport to pick up Stacey who flew in from California.  We then drove the final 120 miles into Battle Mountain, which has the official title of ‘ARM PIT OF THE NATION’.   They have a week long celebration each year sponsored by Spice Deodorant.

We went to registration around 4:30 Thursday we registered and finalized on our choice to run the 135 mph average speed class.  Stacey was to drive the leg South from Battle Mountain to Austin (NV) which is 83.55 miles.  We chose Stacey to run that because it had a lot of straight road where she could run fast and bank some time before the 10 miles stretch of very curvy roads.  That would allow her to drive a speed that was comfortable to her through the difficult part of the course, and enough course to pick it back up.  I would run the 45.35 miles and hopefully dial it in at the finish line.  We then went to eat, and then hit the only black jack table in town for a little relaxation.

Friday, we had a small breakfast, and drove the course to refresh our mines on how it went.  I believe you can never drive a course enough as it is important to know what turns are coming up, even with a navigator.  We then took the car to get it technical inspected.  We passed that, and then went to wash the car, and then I finished up calculating our times for our way points and finish our course notes.  This was the first time I had our course notes done that early.  There was a get together of all the racers.  Tim the guy who owns the blender was able to make it to the race, so we had Margaritas with out the blender.

Saturday, I did some minor maintenance on the car.  Checked the torque on the lug nuts, cleaned the air filters, check all the fluids and the tire pressure in the tires.  I then had to wax the car since I parked it by the grass and the sprinkler system came on during the night.  The water in Battle Mountain is very hard and there were serious water spots that wouldn’t come out without waxing.  Then to the car show which is mandatory.  We then went to the drivers meeting and then to dinner.  At dinner Stacey complained about a sore throat, and then after dinner it got worse.

Sunday, we got up and Stacey did not feel good.  So she decided not to drive but navigate both legs.  That presented a minor problem since I set the times to bank time on the early part on the way down, and now we really didn’t need that.  However, I decided to try to follow the notes.  The race actually started on time which is unusual.  After the difficult part of the course I was still about 1.5 minutes ahead and Stacey was doing a good job of slowing me down to where we needed to be.  However, with about 7 miles to go, I got my thinking messed up.  If your time is under the where you are suppose to be at a waypoint that means you are fast and you need to slow down.  I did the opposite and put the pedal down.  So even though Stacey was telling me to slow down I didn’t and we finished 58 seconds under or to fast.  We then had to wait about 5 hours at the turn around because of problems with the fast cars.  The race was red flagged because one of the guys blew a tire and went off course.  He was luck he did not role the car, but he put a lot of debris on the course and it took a long time to clear it up.

On the run back we were doing well, but I had a brief lapse and sped up when I should have been slowing down, and then was not able to scrub enough time off in the last few miles without going 30 miles before our target speed and get disqualified.  So we finished 8 seconds fast, and did not think we had a chance.  However we did get a 3rd place.  We were happy with that, as we did not get shut out without a trophy for the 3 races in Nevada.  So I got 2 3rd places in the 4 races this year.  Most important thing is Stacey and I had a lot of fun, and we got to drive fast in safe conditions.

The person who won our class had a time of 0:00:057 seconds fast, or 0.002 mph off target.  This was the best time for people who only use stop watches.  It also tied for the best time overall.  There were 2 people in the 140 mph class that tied for first place.  One had a time of 0:00:045 seconds slow, and the other had a time of 0:00:049 seconds slow.  Therefore it was a statistical tie for all 3 of them.

The competition is getting so tough anymore.  It is amazing that the racers are getting so close.  The competition for the best times for the 3 races in Nevada was real close also.  The winner was 0:00:9 seconds off.  That is less than a tenth of a second of their target times over 3 races.  I can not believe it knowing how tough it is.  Luck is involved, but over 3 races skill in timing and driving trumps luck.

Long 2 day drive back.  I’m sending this and then going to bed.

Take care.  Harry