Rob Callery   Vice-President Bill Ulisky    Secretary Betty Brousseau   Treasurer Ro Bryant

November 2005


3rd -  Ernie Viehweg,  8th - Bill Ulisky,  20th - Bonnie Porter
21st - Willie Guilford,  31st - David Lundell


On Friday, November 11, 2005 the Indian River Corvette Club held its 68th meeting.  Since Rob had another commitment,  Vice-President Bill Ulisky conducted the meeting.  New members included Dave & Pat Lundell.  Officers for 2006 were elected by the membership .  They are:  President Richard Kesler- -Vice-President Harry Butler-- Officer At Large Rob Callery--Secretary Mary Derby--Treasurer Ro Bryant--Activities Bonnie Pfiester and Cathie Callery.  Everyone was encouraged to pay their 2006 dues and sign up for the Christmas party. Bobby Harp won the 50/50.

Who were those guys in the bright yellow shirts?  Were they ''Nashville Cats?''  No, they were Indian River Corvette Club members attending the show this past weekend at Ocala/Silver Springs.  It was November but felt like ''Summer In The City!''  Almost 400 Corvettes decended on Silver Springs for the show and the concert by Lovin Spoonful.  " Do You Believe In Magic?''  It didn't really take magic to have a good time.  The hardest part was having time to do everything in a day.  ''Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind" on which way to go?  It was a choice between animals, cars, boats, food vendors and just plain walking around for exercise and fun in the beautiful park. I counted 8 cars from IRCC.  Saturday night at ''Bonefish'' was special too.

(For those who can't remember songs made famous by Lovin Spoonful , check out the titles in " ".  )

Those attending were-Terry and Sue, Tom and Hollyann, Denver and Sharon, Rob and Cathie, Ro and Dan, Frank and Connie, Vi and Betty, and Dick and Lucy

This years ''Vettes On The Avenue'' show in Melbourne was held on Nov 12, 2005.  Terry and Sue, Rob and Cathie, Tom and Hollyann, and Dick and Lucy attended.  The weather was threatening and except for a brief shower, the show went on without interruption.  Rob and Cathie were distracted briefly when they discovered a nail in the right rear tire.  AAA took care of that and in the end Rob was rewarded for his efforts with a ''Top 20'' plaque.  A group of us had lunch at Meg O'Malloys in downtown Melbourne

By Rob Callery (Email on 10/2/05)

Hi everyone. I trust you all had a pleasant weekend.

Ours could NOT have been better. Cathie and I met Tom and Hollyann Thursday morning on the Turnpike and drove the 600 miles up to Road Atlanta. Took a little under 9 hours ... that LS 6 engine got between 27 to 29 mpg.
(I checked it at home...1348 miles total...28.3 mpg...who woulda thought a Z06 is an econobox?!)
Anyway...we got to Road Atlanta just as they were getting ready for the Corvette Parade laps. The sponsoring local Corvette Club organized this and supplied all the volunteers for the weekend. They limited the # of Corvettes on the track to 100.
One of the greeters gave up their spot for our car and they gave Tom and Hollyann an NCM "Parade" cling-on ...#101. How great was that...we got to take a few laps of the race track. It was spectacular! I cannot wait to go back for a "track day" with one of the racing clubs. The track is wonderful. Two and half miles nestled in the woods..and the blind turns and elevation changes....WOW. It gave us added respect for the guys who would be doing it at three times our speeds. Off to the hotel room, check in..then dinner and drinks.

Friday was unbelievable. Over 200 Corvettes from all over showed up. Everything from  C-2's to the newest 2006 Z06, customs and originals.... were DRIVEN in ....from Canada, Texas, Minnesota...over 47 Corvette Clubs were represented. The National Corvette Museum did another fine job. There were raffles and giveaways all day and throughout the Speedway. My trunk runneth over.
The neatest thing....Tom and Hollyann were chosen to represent the Corvette Racing Team by holding the American Flag prior to the race on Saturday. Yes...our own Hollann in that amazing Yellow Leather Jacket represented all that Team Corvette stands for.....and then some.  American born and bred...taking on the world's best.

We got to talk with Dave Hill again, and hear not only about the Z06 but on the new 6 speed automatic transmissions available on the coupes and convertibles.
Yep...and available with "steering wheel shift capability, just like the F-1 cars"..quote,unqoute...Dave Hill.
So ...a daily driver everyone can drive...yet take to the track and have your way with it...Awesome, just awesome.  We got some great photos with him...and he signed all of our "stuff".

The Corvette Racing team came by after qualifying and practice. Yeah..all 6 drivers walked around the cars and talked with us, signed stuff, chatted.about the race and the year. They are REALLY nice guys. Ron Fellows even brought his wife and two young boys by to look at all the cars. I think Cathie and Hollyann voted Johnny O'Connell as the nicest, most fun....but it was a toss up between Olivier Baretta and Max Papis as "best looking."

We walked around the track, shopped at the venues and Pro shop there...then headed out for dinner and shopping at the Outlet Mall nearby. See..everyone was kept happy!

Saturday brought all kinds of unexpected fun. We had no idea what to expect. We got to the track around 8....only to watch over 320 Corvettes come in to the Corral. It was funny...the Porsche Corral was right across the hill and they filled up quickly...with probably not over 100 metal German cars. There was serious "parking space envy" going on. What was really cool...the NCM held it's Pace car reunion here...and there were 100 Pacecar editions from 1978 up to the present...and they got to do Parade Laps the morning of the race. It was a beautiful site.

About 10 am Hollyann had to get ready to go to the pits...and Bobby, her escort took Tom, Cathie and I along with them in her special van. We were "delivered" to the Corvette Racing Team trailers/station behind the when we entered...we were right there with all the mechanics, tire changers, drivers...under their tent, in the trailers..behind that famous yellow cord that has always kept us out before !
I was in heaven.
Hollyann was given the American Flag and escorted to the starting grid. We made our way over to her and the THRONG of fans surrounding the Corvettes. It was sooo cool seeing all of these teams...over 40...and the biggest group was around the Red White and Blue Hollyann was holding in front of those now-famous Yellow cars.
People were going up and having their pictures was something else.
The whole Corvette Teams then lined up for the introductions/presentation to the crowd (and TV audience)...and we were RIGHT THERE.
They sang the National Anthem...then the famous Gentleman, Start your Engines....and WE WERE RIGHT THERE.
We had to climb a ladder to get out of the starting grids and get back to the pits and trailer..
I'll tell you..the race was exciting and not over until 7 laps to go when the #3 car finally gave up the ghost....but the #4 won the GT1 division. They had already clinched the Team/Corporate division championship. It was all anticlimactic after the opening ceremonies.
Odd, we were almost disappointed that the # 3 and #4 car didn't sweep first and second place...but the #4 car dominated the whole race...all 1,000 miles.
The Aston Martin team did real well, as did the Saleen and even the Masseratti.
The track is in a beautiful setting and there are plenty of great vantage points for all the sections.
It was all capped off with fireworks over the mountainside at the end of the race.

Beautiful weather, pleasant drive (until we hit rain outside Orlando today), safe trip... fantastic cars in the judged show....Team Corvette #1 in GT1..and lots of good memories.

We wish more of you could have joined us. I know I left a lot out..but I'm excited and tired.
Plan on joining us next year.

Have a good week.
We did plenty of "waving" this weekend.....keep it up.



3 Christmas Parade
3 Toys For Tots
10  Christmas Party 

Make plans now to attend the club CHRISTMAS PARTY  on DECEMBER 10TH  
$25 per person (Club picks up the rest)

2006 Club Dues
It is never to early to pay your 2006 dues of $30 


In a recent article, Jonathan Welsh gave his opinion of the new 2006 Corvette Z-06.  Chevrolet raised the price of the Z-06 from the 2004 price of $44,000 to $65,000 in 2006.  What do you get for the extra money? 

Well, for starters you get 505 hp in a 3100 lb rocket.  On the plus side it manages 0-60 in less than 4 seconds compared to 4.5 sec for the 2004.  However, with so much power, it can be a bit scary on wet roads.  The new Z06 looks a bit racier with its additional air ducts and wider fenders, but the styling is not a radical change from the other C-6 models.  The untrained eye will hardly notice the difference. The seats are comfortable but the interior is ''typical Chevy'' with lots of low-rent looking gray plastic.  To keep the weight down, even thicker carpet is a no-no.  The engine has a wonderful howl but the suspension is so much stiffer than the standard model C-6 that it may cause fatigue after an hour or so behind the wheel.  505 hp and a 200 mph top speed, are probably wasted on most drivers who use it on mudane trips on roads with a 50 mph speed limit.  So much for one mans opinion. 

A 2006 silver  Z-06 Corvette was 1 of 10 Corvettes on the way to Germany from Holland for a photo shoot when it got wrecked by a 21 year-old driver for a car magazine. He never got hurt, but the car certainly did. The driver, needless to say, got fired. The Z-06 landed on its top with considerable front end damage

The car had been on the road for one day after it was licensed


Corvette Racing Finishes Season with 1-2 Finish in class.

Oliver Gavin and Olivier Beretta won the battle and won the war as Corvette Racing won it all in the American Le Mans Series. Gavin and Beretta scored their seventh win in eight races in their No. 4 Compuware Corvette C6.R and claimed the GT1 championship in the four-hour season finale at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca

Corvette Racing notched its 45th victory and 31st 1-2 finish as Ron Fellows and Johnny O'Connell finished second in the No. 3 Compuware Corvette C6.R to the "two Ollies." Gavin and Beretta won the title by a 19-point margin (196-177) over their teammates. The victory capped another championship season for the Chevrolet factory team. Corvette Racing swept the GT1 manufacturers championship, the drivers championship, the team championship, and the pit crew championship - along with victories in the 24 Hours of Le Mans and Petit Le Mans. "The 2005 season has been another milestone year for Chevrolet and Corvette Racing, and a great way to celebrate Corvette's 50th year in international road racing and the 50th anniversary of the GM small-block V-8," said Ed Peper, Chevrolet General Manager. For the complete release visit: Corvette Racing's next event is the season-opening Mobil 1 Twelve Hours of Sebring in Sebring, Fla., on March 18, 2006. The first round of the 10-race ALMS will be televised on SPEED channel.